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Digitally Documenting the Past: A Three-Dimensional Multi-Media Recreation of the 1601 Public Auto de Fe General of the Mexican Inquisition 


Innovative. Interactive. Engaging. 


We are a group of passionate professionals looking to improve the quality of history education and the study of humanities through the use of digital media in instruction, student learning, and public engagement.
The goal of this project is to recreate as accurately as possible the experience of attending the Auto de Fe General of 1601.
This project will provide new evidence for understanding the function of Mexico City’s Central Plaza and the first three blocks of the city surrounding the plaza, from the Palace of the Inquisition in the plaza of Santo Domingo, along the processionary route to the main plaza, or zócalo, of Mexico City.
This digital recovery of spaces and events that are lost to us will be made possible through the use of architectural modeling software, historical reconstructions and the study of surviving colonial architecture in Mexico City.
By means of three dimensional simulation software, digital tools customarily used by architects and designers will be used to create as accurate a reconstruction of Mexico City in 1601 as possible. 

Professional Historians and field expert consultants will actively particiapte in the development of the project in order to create an as accurate as possible 3-D simulation of the Auto de Fe in 1601.

Digtal Graphic Artists and Computer programmers will create digital content that will both be engaging and contextually and historically accurate.


They will utilize the program Unity 3-D to create an exciting learning enviroment designed for the next generation of learning.

Professionally designed, innovative, and research based curriculum will be deveopled to help support the education process and guide students and educators on the path to deeper understanding of the Inquisition and Colonial Mexico.

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