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Sample Work


Recent Work by our Project Team

Reconstruction of Mexico City ca. 1601


The project proposes to use historical maps, plans, and descriptions to recreate as accurately as possible the capital city of New Spain in 1601

The Story of Doña Mariana Núñez de Carvajal


The project is built around the lived experience of one of the young Jewish women sentenced to death in the Auto de Fe of 1601.

Work Sample:

Mariana Núñez de Carvajal


The Penitent: Doña Mariana Núñez de Carvajal Relaxed in Person

at the Auto de Fe of 1601

Primary Source Inquisition Documents


Utilizing primary source documents from the Inquisition and other historical archives, the people, events and process involved in the Auto de Fe General of 1601 will come to life for the viewer.

Inquisition Trial Procedures in New Spain


The viewer will also learn about the process and procedures of the Inquisition in New Spain by following in real time the daily routine of the Inquisitor Alonso de Peralta

Work Sample:

Don Alonso de Peralta y Robles


The Inquisitor: Don Alonso de Peralta, Chief Inquisitor of the Inquisition Tribunal of New Spain (1593-1609).

Historical Reconstruction 

of the Built Environment


Based on primary source documentation, maps, plans and descriptions, the project will "re-build" Mexico City as it looked in 1601.

Humanities Content


The humanities content of the Auto de Fe of 1601 Project is focused on understanding the historical roots of religious intolerance in order to attain a deeper understanding of religious conflict and intolerance in the present day.

Bibliography and Resources


A comprehensive listing of the primary and secondary sources and other resoueces used to date in the Project.

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